Hong Kong HKMCA On-Road Electric Model Car Championship 31st Jan - 2nd Feb 2015 Result of our team driver

2015 Hong Kong HKMCA On-Road Electric Model Car Championship  31st Jan - 2nd Feb  2015 Result of our team driver (Mr. Lai Chan Hay)

Our team driver Mr. Lai Chan Hay joined the 1/10 Electric Modifed Class, he was successfully got the Top Qualifed and Champinion in the A1 Final.  


 The weather was good over these three days. Every drivers should run 4 rounds in the Qualify and then picked the best result from any two rounds for the entry of Final.  It was very exciting that he got the FIRST position in THREE (3) rounds at the Qualify. Undoubtedly, he got the TOP qualified.  We are very amazing that he achieved an excellent result in the qualified. 


In the final, all racers should run 3 rounds and then picked any 2 best results.  He only won one of these 3 rounds in the Final.  There was  fierce competition between Mr. Lai Chan Hay and the 1st runner-up.


Although both of them got the same score, Mr. Lai Chan Hay got the Champion in the Final because his running time was a little bit faster than the 1st runner-up.  It was a great news to him that he won the air ticket to TITL held in Thailand sponsored by HKMCA.


There were over 100 participants in this competition.  Two drivers in the Top Ten used Xray T4 car in the Final. 




2015年1月31日至2月1日,由香港最大遙控車賽會HKMCA第一屆1/10EP賽事,賽事超過100人參加,賽事MOD組別由X-RAY 車手CHAN HAY LAI取得TQ/A1W成績,T4 Stock Class 組別由X-RAY 車手CHAN CHAU MAN取得第2名,以上兩位車手都可取得由HKMCA賽會贊助2015年泰國的TITC 賽事.


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