RC Tech Pipe Protect

RC Tech Pipe Protect


Available in 400 ml

RC Tech Pipe Protect protects your exhaust against oil and rubber deposit while racing. A clean exhaust gives better resonance, which means better performance from your engine. Thanks to RC Tech Pipe Protect your exhaust system can evacuate the temperature better.

Direction of use

Spray a relatively thick layer of Pipe Protect from a close distance; +/- 15/20 cm on your new or just-cleaned and preferably polished exhaust pipe. After each ride clean the exhaust pipe with a clean cloth, if necessary slightly sprayed with some Pipe Protect. Treat the exhaust pipe again before each race.



RC Tech排氣管保護劑


RC Tech排氣管保護劑可保護排氣管在比賽期間避免沾上油污及其他塵埃,一套乾淨的排氣系統能夠提供更好的配合,這意味著令發動機的性能表現更好。由於RC Tech排氣管保護劑保護您的排氣系統,所以有更好的散熱能力。




大約在+/ - 15/20厘米距離對全新或剛剛清理和拋光的排氣管噴上一厚厚的保護層,每次行走後用乾淨的布清潔排氣管,如果有必要稍微噴一些排氣管保護劑。每場比賽前,再次進行以上動作。

RC Tech Activator

RC Tech Activator


Available in 150 ml aerosol

RC Tech Activator for cyanoacrylate adhesives. Accelerates the drying time of super glue.

Carefull! Dangerous product. Always wear protective goggles when working with RC Cyano super glue and RC Tech Activator.




RC Tech活化劑


RC Tech活化劑適用於瞬乾膠水,加快膠水的風乾固定時間。


小心!使用RC瞬乾膠水和RC Tech活化劑時需要佩戴護目鏡。

RC Car colours

RC Car colours

Available in aerosols (150 ml) and airbrush (30 ml)


Ready to use, quick drying, fuel resitant light weight paint for racing, If wished for up-to 15 gr weight difference on a 1/10 scale race body, compard to pre-painted or water based coloured bodies (lower cenre of gravity)

Airbrush specifications:

Dilute with aceton


RC Car Colours have been specially developed for the painting of Polycarbonate bodies. The special solvent used etches the surface, allowing the paint to bond permanently with the polycarbonate.



The colours in this colour chart are only colour indications!

* Before you begin ... Remove any dirt particles from the surface to be painted.

Polycarbonate bodies:

Cut out the body and sand the cut edges. Many bodies have a transparent protective foil on the outside. Do not remove this protective foil until the paints has dried! Mask all areas that are not to be painted, by using masking film or masking tape. First paint the dark and then the light colours so as to prevent the dark colours from shining through the lighter ones. Always check to make sure that the surfaces are dry and free of dust before painting!

For best results:

Before use, shake the can vigorously for approx. 2 min. until you hear the mixing ball rattling.

Spray at a distance of approx. 20 to 30 cm. While spraying make even cross movements with the can.

The covering capacity of RC Car Colours varies slightly from one colour to the next. Always spray one very light coat at a time to avoid bleeding. The final result is obtained after 2 to 3 coats. Wait approx. 5 min. before applying the next coat. Never spray just one heavy coat!

Allow the paint to dry for 5 minutes before removing the masking film and applying the next coat.

After use, turn the can upside down and spray for 2 sec. until the nozzle is empty.

Special instructions for fluorescent colours:

Fluorescent colours appear not to cover as well as normal colours. While spraying you must absolutely make sure to apply only very light coats. Always use at temperatures above 15°C. Spray from a distance of +/-15/20 cm. Allow the colour to dry for 30 min. and back the fluorescent colour with white RC Car Colour. Only then the desired fluorescent effect will be obtained!

Coloring of windows:

For coloring the windows you can use the RC Car Colours transparent smoke-Grey spray colour. Allow the entire painted body to dry for 10 min. before you paint the windows. Spray the transparent colour onto the body from a distance of approx. 30 to 40 cm. Make sure you apply only a very light coat of paint as bleeding around the windows might easily spoil the overall appearance of an otherwise beautifully painted body!

Special instructions for glitter colours:

Glitter colours are structured so that they must be sprayed first onto the body. Special care should be taken with these colours to apply very light coats only! These colours are only effect particles that are sprayed onto the body. These colours do not cover! Allow the applied glitter particles to dry for approx. 10 min. before covering them with a base colour.


Point of attention for RC Chrome:

The chrome effect depends on how carefully you follow the instructions! Recommended working temperature: +/- 20°C.Spray very thin even coats (+/-15) on your body with intervals of approx. 2 minutes. This in order to counter undesirable side-effects (matting). Then spray RC Car print & Chrome varnish or RC Car Colour Smoke 419 from a distance of approx. 30 cm in very thin coats (+/- 8) to seal the Chrome paint. NB: Do not sand in front when using chrome onto your body (scratch effect)

Points of attention for Sapphire and Jade:

use black RC car Colour 610 or any dark base-colour as backing coat.



















使用前,大力搖動瓶身 2分鐘,直到您聽到內裡小珠發出清脆咯咯聲。大約在2030厘米距離噴塗,噴塗時同時均勻搖動瓶身。新一層顏色或會輕微影響下一層顏料,每次都薄薄的噴一層以避免不均勻情況。最終大約噴23層,其後等待約 5分鐘才噴新一層顏料,切勿只噴一層厚厚的顏料!讓油漆乾燥5分鐘後才撕除保護膜。完成後把瓶身上下倒轉並噴大約2秒,直到噴頭再沒有顏料。



螢光色的遮蓋能力不及正常的顏色,所以噴塗時你必須確保每層都只是薄薄的噴上。在溫度高於15°C情況下使用,噴塗時保持+ / -15/20厘米的距離,其後讓顏色自然風乾30分鐘,最後噴上白色的顏料,那麼所需的螢光效果將特別明顯!



對於替窗口上色,您可以使用RC模型車顏料的透明煙灰色。首先讓車殼主色自然風乾大約10分鐘,其後才噴上窗口顏色。噴塗透明色時保持大約 3040厘米的距離,並確保您只是薄薄的噴塗在窗口位置,否則很容易破壞整體外觀的油漆!



閃粉顏色必須首先噴上車殼,特別注意這些顏色只可薄薄的噴上到車殼上產生粒子效果,並不能作為普通顏色般完全覆蓋!讓閃粉顏色自然風乾大約 10分鐘,然後噴上主底色。



電鍍的效果取決於你如何仔細按照說明所示!推薦工作溫度大約+ / - 20°C,噴塗時每層都必須保持薄身至大約15層,對您的車殼每隔約 2分鐘便噴上一層,這能避免發生不良的副作用影響,例如消光。然後噴塗RC模型車電鍍清漆或RC模型車煙霧色419,同時保持 30厘米的距離噴塗非常薄的塗層大約8層以密封電鍍顏色。注意:若使用電鍍顏色,開始製作時不要打磨您的車殼,這會影響電鍍效果。





RC Tech Nutlock MS

RC Tech Nutlock MS

Medium Strong - Available in 20 gr. pack

A threadlock adhesive that prevents vibration loosenig. It seals against leakage and corrosion.



RC Tech Nutlock(中等強度)




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