Xray 工作坊將於 9月25日 下午 4:00 在"TOM RACING CIRCUIT"舉行,Xray 著名廠車手"Alexander Hagberg"屆時將會展示最新版 Xray T4 2016 房車及與各位車手分享心得!


1. 新版 Xray T4 2016 房車介紹 
2. 主動式後懸掛系統 ARS System 
3. 漸進式油壓系統 Progressive Shock System (PPS) # XR-308039 
4. ESC 加硬傳動軸 # XR-305332, XR-305333 
5. 調教技巧和竅門 (瀝青及地毯場地)

每個車手將獲贈一件 Xray T-shirt,有於數量有限,先到先得,敬請留意!


The workshop will be held at 4:00pm. in the TOM RACING CIRCUIT on 25th September 2015.  Xray TOP driver Alexander Hagberg will present the latest car # T4 2016 and also share his tips with all of you.  The following contents will be included in the workshop.     
1.   Introduction of T4 2016 (NEW car) 
2.   ARS System 
3.   Progressive Shock System (PPS) # XR-308039 
4.   ESC ES Drive Shaft # XR-305332, XR-305333 
5.   Set-up tips for asphalt or carpet competition  
One Xray T-shirt will be given to every participant at the end of the workshop.  Due to limited quantity, first come first served. Thanks for your attention.

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