New X1 Front & Rear Adjustable Wing

 XRAY presents new authentic option parts for XRAY X1:

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 #371202 X1 Composite Front Wing - Black - ETS Approved

#373513-K X1 Composite Adjustable Rear Wing - Black - ETS Approved

• Adjustable downforce
• ETS approved
• Generates rear traction
• Stabilizes in chicanes


Optional front wing and rear wing with adjustable downforce approved for 2015/2016 ETS season. 

The rear wing is assembled via the mounting system which features a graphite mount and aluminum stands. Using shims between the wing and the alu stands, the position of the wing can be easily adjusted for various track conditions. The height of the wing can be adjusted by changing the mounting position on the graphite plate. The rear wing has adjustable downforce by the use of an optional insertable middle wing rib. =

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