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The Nova Slipper Clutch is the ultimate 3-plate clutch that has better driving feel, lasts longer, and has a lower rotating inertia.  Weight is 12.0 grams for the entire Nova Slipper Clutch assembly using the included 78 tooth spur gear.

Schelle Chief Engineer Kurt Wenger created a 3-plate design which solves all of the problems racers are having with kit slipper clutches that degrade and lock-up.  In addition, it is smaller and weighs less making it the ideal slipper clutch for stock racers.  The Nova Slipper Clutch has 20% more torque capacity in a compact package that helps you put more power to the ground and lasts longer between rebuilds.  The other benefit of the Nova over other brands is that Nova sets include 2 slipper pads of each material we offer and a tuning guide to help racers learn how to tune the clutch for different conditions from slick to astro-turf.

Nova Features:

1.       Small 3-plate compact design ideal for racing

2.       Special blend Nova Spur Gears

3.       Approximately 20% more torque capacity than a standard slipper clutch

4.       Smooth power delivery

5.       Lasts longer, change your slipper pads less frequently

6.       3 identical drive plates for easy assembly and maintenance

7.       4 slipper pads included with Tuning Guide

8.       Buggy Set includes 78 and 81 tooth spur gears for popular buggies

9.      Direct fit to the B5 and B5M.  Also direct fits TLR22 family of cars, and older  B4.1 based cars and trucks,  plus the B44.1.

*Nova parts also compatible with Avid Triad.


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