RC Tech Degreaser


Available in 400 ml aerosol and
in a 1 liter bottle

RC Tech 'Degreaser' was developed by professional racers and modellers and can be used for cleaning and degreasing all kind of metal and most synthetic parts of, among others, micro-combustion engines, brake and suspension systems, ball bearings, transmission parts such as differentials, gearwheels, universal-joints, chains, etc. 'Degreaser' can also be used as a cleaningagent for surfaces that need to be glued afterwards. Warning! This product can damage some synthetics. We recommend testing before use.


RC Tech除油污劑


RC Tech除油污劑是由專業賽車手和模型愛好者共同開發,可以用於清洗和除油污,除了各種金屬和合成部分例如微型內燃發動機、剎車和懸掛系統、軸承、傳動部件、齒輪、各種接頭、鏈條等等外,它也可以被用來作為一個被粘表面的事前清洗劑。



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