RC Tech Multi-User


Available in 400 ml aerosol

RC Tech 'Multi-User' is for the general maintenance of all mechanical and moving parts such as micro-combustion engines, carburettors, suspensions, brake and gear mechanisms. It repels moisture, makes tight parts run smoothly again,protects against moisture and corrosion, loosens rusted nuts and bolts, removes excess oil, wax and soil from metal and leaves a protective anti


RC Tech多用途潤滑劑



RC Tech多用途潤滑劑適合所有機械運動部件,例如微型內燃發動機、化油器、懸掛、剎車和齒輪等等的一般維修。它防水,使不暢順部件再次運行平穩,防止腐蝕,鬆開生鏽的螺母和螺栓,從金屬去除多餘油脂,蠟和泥土沙塵,蓋上一層保護層。

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